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Demo 2009


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released September 9, 2009



all rights reserved


RISK IT! Dresden, Germany

Risk It! was founded in march 2009.


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Track Name: Different Worlds
That we know us doesn't mean that we are close
Leave me alone now that's the best for ALL OF US
I owe you nothing don't tell me how to act
Stop trying begin to face the facts

Such shit force me to live this way
And the more i got makes me lose my faith
Release this fuckin rope around my neck

We have nothing in common
And we never will
Two different worlds
Are build where we live in
Track Name: Thrown Away
You rot away and move on blind
Walk thru life with eyes wide shut keep on wasting time
A broken generation with no soul and no heart
Grow in a plastic world play your shitty part

This is not where i belong
I'm thru stay out
Death of humanity is feeding my doubts


I'm not the only one that i know for sure
So many restless minds searching for cure
Track Name: The Break Out
Trapped like an animal in a cage
It's about to speak my mind and stand up for myself

TRAPPED LIKE animals in cages
It's about to sream our minds and stand up for ourselves
Fullfilled life a senseless meaning in a foreign world
Striving for better days and what s worth fighting for

There's more to life than this emptiness inside
Of the daily grind which is killing my mind

So i'll get by refuse to life a lie
Rise up this time
Break out and take what's mine

There's more to life
We scream our minds
Against the daily grind
Track Name: Is This Real?
Open your eyes

See the faces full of sorrow when i'm walking down the road
See the children act like adults can hardly wait to grow old
SEE THE PEOPLE break asunder hand to hand fight from the start
Sick of seeing this development splitting us all apart

What the hell has happen to us can you realize?
Insanity between each other is this sense of life?
NO NEED to stand in line long enough i took part
Still screaming won't stay quiete
Cause it burns out my fuckin heart
Track Name: Lost Goods
I'm giving up on you this is not what i supposed to be
This longing takes me away in knowing what this means to me

THIS TIME i will let it go
LEAVING the only way i know
Remember i always lived this way
Right now won t waste another day

I'm giving up on you and we are still on our own
Walk among the few who struggling with gowing old
Track Name: Keep Your Heart
Time will show
The last who come
The first who go
But we re still here

Remember when it began some years ago
It's still the most to me to see your face at shows
Doesn't matter what's around we don't give a fuck
Don't worry about today cause we keep our


To what's the most to us
It's still at hand
This connection deep inside
Make us different to them

Don't know what will last but we're still here
We grew together close an sincere
Doesn't matter what's around we don't give a fuck
Don't worry about today cause we keep our heart